A Walk Around My Garden – 23rd November 2019

Bramble Garden

If I could only have one tree, it would be a field maple. At this time of the year, there’s a golden carpet of leaves covering the whole garden. Even dark corners and shady woodland walks are glowing yellow. Much needed cheer, when the days are short and turning cold and dark. We must find our own warmth from nature, whenever we can.

This year, I’m experimenting with the boundary. Thin branches are laid horizontally to form a ‘fedge,’ a cross between a fence and a hedge. This creates a habitat and shelter for mice and hedgehogs, birds and insects. Smaller twigs are put through my new shredding machine to create woodland paths and mulch. The idea is to make use of everything in the garden and do away with the need for bonfires, which are bad for the environment. Sunflower and cow parsley stems will be woven into the…

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Un comentario en “A Walk Around My Garden – 23rd November 2019

  1. Karen I love your field maples and everything you do with them. I love that you make shelters for all kinds of animals. I like hazelnuts very much. I love leafless dogwood with its orange-red color. The Malini desert apple tree has a very large and appetizing apple for how small it is. I love the idea that you grow them in pots to give them to your youngest daughter when she leaves the nest. The Polyethylene Tunnel hides some Chrysanthemum jewels. What wonderful roses in the garden, I love them! And I really like that ivy tunnel in the previous photo. Karen thank you very much for the walk in your wonderful garden with a carpet of gold leaves. Sorry to re-blog you but I didn’t know how to leave my thoughts so you could read them. Take care With love greetings from Margarita xxx

    Me gusta

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